How to Write a Thank-You Note

notes and enclosures 3 .jpeg

Many people struggle with writing thank you notes because they don’t know the right words to say. Thank you notes don’t have to be very long, but they should be personalized to the recipient and the gift. Need help writing the perfect thank you note? Try these tips!

First, the most important thing is to not overthink it. The most well written note comes from the heart, so just put honest, gracious words on paper, put a stamp on it and send! 

Second, try NOT to start your thank you note with “Thank you.” It makes it difficult to decide what to say next. Instead, try letting them know why it was helpful or how it made you feel. For instance, instead of starting your note with “Thank you for the delicious pie” start with “It was such a nice surprise to come home to find this delicious pie. Thank you so much for being such a thoughtful friend.” If you know the recipient well, you can add a sentence letting them know that you are looking forward to seeing them again. 

Finally, it’s important to not procrastinate your gratitude. Yes, it is “better late than never” but it’s more effective to get your thank you note out shortly after your event!