An open letter to the Pinterest-obsessed bride

An open letter to the bride who is obsessed with Pinterest,

When Pinterest was created, I too spent hours aimlessly obsessing over DIY mimosa recipes, pinning healthy dinners I would never cook, and collecting photos of exotic english countrysides I would never visit. Many a weekend was spent binging Grey’s Anatomy with my laptop and a tub of hummus by my side, saving hundreds of hair inspiration photos (I mean, I could look good with purple highlights). Don’t judge me, you know you have been there too.

And then there are the WEDDINGS. I have carefully pinned every element of my future wedding with flower filled lantern centerpieces, rustic table signage ideas, and engraved golden wedding invitations. I have pinned hundreds (nay thousands) of dreamy grooms and blushing brides staring wistfully at each other as they walk down the aisle with guests throwing confetti as the photographer captures the flower girl giggling at just the right angle. 

Fast forward a few years and I never dreamed that one day I would be working in the wedding industry. I am blessed to help brides create their dream invitations at my store in Mobile, Alabama. I meet with hundreds of newly engaged women every year, wearing sparkly new diamonds and carrying their carefully planned Pinterest boards. And let me tell you: I. Absolutely. Love. It. I love that you know exactly what you want your invitations to look like. I love that you have already decided you want your table linens to match the liner on your envelopes. The fact that you have every detail laid out for me to see really does help me curate your perfect look for your big day. But, please listen to me when I plead: Pinterest. Is. Inspiration. You only think you want your day to match those photos. But when you look back in 20 years, those photo boards will pale in comparison to the man by your side and the simple fact that your wedding was just that: YOURS. 



If your idea isn't on Pinterest…you’re on to something.

I know I speak for hundreds of other wedding vendors when I say we LOVE IT when you come to us with a unique idea. Don’t be afraid to step out of the box when it comes to planning your wedding. Trust me-I love traditional and classy as much as the next gal but I get pretty jazzed when someone comes in and asks for a modern and bold invitation. Just because your idea hasn't been validated by Pinterest does not mean it isn't worth pursuing.

Be inspired by Pinterest but don’t let it drown you.

I wish I had a dollar for every newly engaged bride I met who arrived to the shop, frazzled and overwhelmed with too many ideas and too many options. I just want to hug those brides who look at me with pleading eyes who want to know how they can match an unrealistic look or design. Please feel free to come to me with any design inspiration but pretty please… don’t make me COPY it. 


Make your vision match your budget.

When you set your sights on billowing floral arrangements, Vera Wang gowns or castle ceremonies- there is a big chance you are going to be disappointed. It’s important to create a wedding for you and your guests that isn’t going to put you in debt for the next ten years. I know when brides come into my store, I pride myself on being able to work with most any budget. Most wedding vendors want to help you create your dream event but don’t expect a Beyonce wedding on a shoe string budget. Pinterest can quickly make you feel inadequate but don’t let it! Whatever you end up doing will be just as lovely and just as meaningful.

In closing, my dear bride, please know that we here in the wedding industry LOVE to work with you. I left a career path in the marketing field to work with you and I have never for a second regretted it. I hope this little letter lets you know that you aren't only just another wedding date to me but myself and my fellow wedding vendors care about making your day just that, yours.



Your Invitation Designer