Crichton Leprechaun Cloisonné Ornament

Crichton Leprechaun Cloisonné Ornament


WOW! Those were popular! We’re all sold out of our in-stock ornaments, but we have another order coming! Get your Pre-Order in TODAY to snag your ornament on the next round coming in! If you’re giving as a gift, we’ll give you a cute complimentary card that tells the recipient what they’re getting!

What Makes Cloisonné So Special?

This is no ordinary ornament. Our cloisonné ornaments are 24k gold plated and fully handcrafted in a rare eight step production process. Each ornament is an individual work of art - there are no two ornaments that are exactly alike.

The copper base of each ornaments makes them very durable and shatterproof, truly made to last a lifetime. Each ornament also comes in a keepsake gift box included in the price with literature as to what makes the ornament so special, how to care for and store your ornament to ensure longevity. The perfect gift for yourself or someone you love!

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