How to Address Wedding Invitations to Married Couples

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Addressing wedding invitations can be tricky, especially since this is most likely the first time you’ve had to do it! Lucky for you we’ve done it a time or two!  

The general rule of thumb is that your outer envelope should be more formal and your inner envelope should be more informal. On the outer envelopes, spell out all titles, street names, and landmarks (Street, Drive, Northeast, etc.). Make sure to spell out the guest’s full, formal name. Include full middle names if possible! The inner envelope is where you can invite children or allow your guests to bring a plus one. 

Need a template to work with? We have an Excel worksheet available for download on our website!

Addressing wedding invitations for married couples is the most straightforward. Make sure to use full, formal names on the outer envelopes and avoid abbreviations! Include full middle names, if possible! For married couples, the addressing is as follows: 

  • Outer envelope: Mr. and Mrs. John Francis Smith, II

  • Inner envelope: Mr. and Mrs. Smith OR John and Mary

For married couples with different last names, the addressing is as follows: 

  • Outer envelope: Mr. John Francis Smith, II and Mrs. Anna Catherine Brown

  • Inner envelope: Mr. Smith and Mrs. Brown OR John and Anna