How to Address Invitations to Roommates and Unmarried Couples

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If you’re inviting roommates to your wedding, traditional etiquette says that each person gets their own invitation. Yes, we know this can be a pain when you are spending $10+ per invitation, but these are the rules.

When addressing an invitation for an unmarried couple that lives together, put each name on a line by itself. The word “and” implies that a couple is married, so you wouldn’t need to use it in this scenario. For example:

Mr. John Francis Smith, II

Ms. (or Miss) Anna Brown

If you are inviting an unmarried couple that doesn’t live together, traditional etiquette says that each person should receive their own invitation. However, we suggest only sending an invitation to the person you are closest to (or the person you were friends with before the relationship) and including “and guest” on the inner envelope for their significant other.

Disagree? Consider if the couple were to break up before the wedding. Would they both still be invited? Using this rule helps avoid an awkward conversation if something like a break-up were to happen. However, if you feel like this rule would offend the couple, certainly address the invitation like you would for an unmarried couple that lives together (both names listed on separate lines.)